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Offering a warm and safe space to talk through the struggles in life, and discover a strength within yourself

My Approach

Often the problems we face stem from relationships: hurt by a parent or parter, losing someone we love, feeling out of touch with our relationship with ourselves.

Just as relationships can make life difficult, a positive relationship can help us come to terms with our lives and begin to repair.

Simon Hughes

Diploma, Person Centred Counselling

  • 10+ years working in the homeless sector
  • 4+ years working with Cruse in bereavement, and with various counselling agencies 
  •  Experienced working with presenting issues such as: bereavement, addiction, anxiety, and finding meaning in life.
  • I offer a relational approach to counselling at your pace

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Giving up alcohol

Giving Up Alcohol: Lessons Learnt

15 reflections from being completely abstinent of alcohol the last six months. This article is for you if you are considering making a change in your life, or reflecting on sustaining changes you have already made

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Procrastination: meditation

Procrastination: Getting Going

In this video I link to my first youtube video and talk about procrastination. I provide a chance to check in with your own procrastination, get started, face any pressures forcing you, and sustain yourself through discipline and deconstruction

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